Green Vacation Ideas

Taking a green vacation is easy when you get creative. If you want to hear some great green vacation ideas then consider the list of ideas below. Taking a green vacation can mean many different things. It might mean one thing for you and something else to someone else. The general rule though is that you want to decrease your footprint and do something that doesn’t create a lot of environmental harm. Here are some ideas for green vacation ideas when you are looking for some inspiration on what you might be able to do or plan for the family and your friends.

The Classic Staycation

The staycation means taking a vacation right where you live. No boats, no planes, not much car use if any, and plan to stay in a hotel or stay somewhere that is close to where you are. There might be an RV park or a campground, it might be a cheap hotel, but there are many places. When you plan to do a staycation with the family then you are going to be going on vacation that is a lot cheaper and a lot more environmentally friendly. You do not need to travel on a plane for 18 hours in order to have a fun experience and a memorable one with family or friends. It can be done right in your own city, in your own community. Try a movie you want to see or a restaurant you have not tried yet, and feel pampered right in your own community but still feel like it is a vacation for you.

This is an easy one to do because you can almost do it any time during the year. Plan just a weekend vacation for you and your family and get away just on the weekend to some fun hotel, or plan something in the city. This is a great option for a green vacation idea because it is easy, it can be quick to organize, and it is very cheap too. Most of all though is that this sort of downsized vacation is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Camp In The Backyard

Set up a little tent right in your own backyard and camp out. This is a great idea for kids because they can tell stories, play with toys, even bring their laptops out or tablets so that they can watch a movie in the tent. Even if you do not have a backyard yet you can build the tent inside the house and make it more fun for the kids. This might not be an official vacation in the sense of leaving the home to go anywhere but it can be a great deal of fun for the kids. Get a small tent if you do not have one already and plan to have a fun camping night with the family. This is one of the cheapest things that you can organize for the kids to be able to do and they will likely love it.

Travel With Others

If you want to go on a vacation and have it be more environmentally friendly then think about going with people in a group. When you go together in a group then you can share the cost of gas and can carpool so that less of you are driving to the destination. Choose a vacation destination that is close enough for you to drive to. Do not choose a place that is going to take you cars, trains, planes, and buses, in order to get to it. Plan something a lot easier and lot less hectic for you and the family. If you are looking to have a vacation with a group then the best way to do it is to share the travel expenses and try to carpool together if possible.

Your friend might have a camper or an RV and this is also a great way to share costs and lower your footprint. You can team up with a friend or neighbor etc, and share a camper that someone else has. This is a great way to lower cost and even have more fun together by going as a group as well.

Find A Camping Deal

Go online and look around for camping grounds that might be offering a deal. There are always coupons to find and new things going on, festivals etc, and different things to see. If you want to plan a green vacation then think of something that you can do where you do not need to travel so much. Also, it would be best if the activity was not too costly as well. This way you could feel better about doing it and not breaking the bank.

One of the best ways to go on vacation with friends or family and stay green is to go camping. Try to live off the land even when going camping, this can be the very best way. But not many people might be accustomed to it or know what they are doing. It can be incredibly fun though, a wilderness adventure. When you are looking for green vacation ideas it is okay to keep it simple, even if that means going in the backyard or going in your own community too. There are always hotel deals to find or new things to see with the family or your friends. Going on vacation does not have to mean spending thousands of dollars and traveling to a new country. It can mean simply getting to explore more of your own city that you are not yet familiar with. This can be the best way to take a green vacation with the family. These are some of the best green vacation ideas when you are looking to just keep it simple and fun. These ideas would be great no matter who you are going camping with, whether in a large group, or if it is just a few of you. Try some out and see how much fun you have.

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