7 Ways You Can Live Environment Friendly

There are little things that each and every one of us can do that will help to clean up the planet a little more. You might not have to be drastic and change everything right away about your lifestyle, going green is something that can be done over time. There is no need to feel intimidated or rushed into it. Feel free to do what you can when you can , do your part as best you can at decreasing your footprint. This can be done in many simple and even fun ways. Here is a list below of some of the ways that you can help to create a more environmental friendly life for yourself.

7. Use Less Power

This is an easy one, but try to use less power if you can at home. Make sure you turn off things when you are not using them. Turn off the television or lights that are on when nobody is around. Save the electricity so that you do not have to pay and so that you are not wasting it. This is a small change to make that can add up in big ways over the long run every year.

6. Buy Less Stuff Less Often

Just try buying less things. This will help to create less garbage that is going to end up in landfills. If you try to be more mindful with your purchases and look for quality, rather than quantity, then buying less should come easy to you. Also it is great to help you to be able to save more and spend less money on junk that you do not need. There is more than one reason to buy less and this is a great way that anyone can make themselves to have a more environmentally friendly life.

5. Reuse & Recycle

Reuse whatever you can, get clothes or items from others that they might be giving away. Recycle bottles so that you can save money and make sure they are going to be taken care of in the right way. Buy second hand clothing and don’t be afraid to shop for a bargain, not everything has to be brand new with tons of packaging coming along with it. Look around for ways to recycle and reuse because there are so many of them. It’s it also a very easy change to start making as well, anyone can do it.

4. Dry Your Clothes

Try drying your clothes so that you do not need to put them in the dryer any longer. This is going to save a lot of energy when you are no longer drying your clothes. Millions of people dry their clothes on a daily basis, there is nothing to it. Even if you do not have an official drying rack you can find other ways to hang things around the house and get them dry. This is a bit of a drastic move for some, but it is the easiest thing that someone can do when they want to try and make a difference and use less.

3. Drop Bottled Water

Stop buying bottles of water and get one good bottle for yourself that you can use again and again. This way you can fill it up at home or when you are out and save hundreds of bottles from the landfill. Just one person opting to use a reusable bottle is going to go a long way to getting plastic bottles out of the landfills and oceans. It is a cheap and easy switch to make and it truly does go a long way. If you love water then think about getting a high quality bottle that you can use again and again to get what you need.

2. Save Any Water You Can

Save as much water as you can whenever you can. This might be mean turning the water off in-between brushing your teeth or taking less showers, using less water in the tub. These are small changes that can be made but when you do them all at once and mix a lifestyle with these changes, you are going to be doing your part and what you can do live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Save the water and take a much faster shower or bath, you do not need to take a bath that is filled to the rim with water. Make sure that you are not running your sink with water when filling things up or cleaning the kitchen, be mindful of the water that you are using so that you don’t make the mistake of wasting any. Water is incredibly valuable and because we have so much opportunity to use it in some places we might forget to be mindful with it and when we are using it.

1. Buy Bulk

This is an easy way to cut down on unnecessary plastic and garbage in your life. Start buying products in bulk and that means that you will be able to save a great deal of packaging from ending up in your garbage. There are a growing number of bulk options out there for you and they mean that you can get everything from flour and sugar to seeds and more in bulk fashion. There are even grocery delivery services that focus on bulk food too. If you want to make that switch and start getting more bulk food in your life then look for bulk food stores that you can start to buy from. Bring a few jars or containers with you and start buying in bulk. This is going to greatly decrease your garbage impact and overall help to boost your lifestyle to being one that is much more environmentally friendly. They might not seem like big changes to be making right away but they do add up over time. If you want to have a more environmentally friendly life then trying to buy in bulk is one of the best ways to go about doing it.

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