Eating Green

If you have ever though about eating green then you should know that it is not as difficult as it looks. It might seem daunting at the beginning and like you would be left with no food choices, but the truth is that there is still lots that you can enjoy and eat. The point of eating green is to be more mindful about what you are eating and where it is coming from.

There are highly processed foods flooding our shelves that we need to be concerned about, versus the bounty of much more quality made food that is also available to choose from. There is good food being made from producers and farmers that are also using sustainable methods and trying to lower their footprint. Think about where you are buying from and try to go with those places that support your goal of eating green, that recycle and compost etc, rather than supporting a company that might not represent what you want to represent.

There are many companies that are dedicated to going green in business and this means coming up with sustainable growing methods and more. This has meant that you can find an increasing variety for a wide range of quality and organic ingredients that are being sold in the market today. You are not going to be deprived simply because you want to start eating green. And the journey for one person on eating green might not be the same as it is for another, remember that there is never any reason to shame anyone for how far along they have come or have not come. It is an individual journey and to each their own on choosing what they want to consume to fuel their body.

If you have decided to eat green then that is fantastic and there are many things that you can do to embrace that lifestyle. Big or small, the important point is that you are making a change and trying to make a difference. It might seem small to you, but small actions add up over time. The important thing to know is what your actions are supporting in the market and if you want to support green actions and green business then you need to be more mindful of where you are spending your money. Do not spend it with those who are not going to be promoting the ideals that you are not looking to support. Find farmers and food producers that you can trust, look for labels and read the ingredients, avoid the processed food section of the market and stick to the fresh produce etc. These are just some tips that can help you to start making those changes and finding the products in the market that are exactly what you want to buy and be supporting with your dollars.

3. Go With A Variety

Don’t be afraid to eat a variety of food even if you might be trying to eat green. You can still find a wide range of vegetables and food items that are available and are easy to find and taste great. Eating green does not have to mean depriving yourself but it does mean getting creative. It might mean eating things you are not used to. You might have been eating burgers and fries for many years and now eating green will look a lot different to you. That is okay, don’t fear it. It’s okay to eat new things and try new food items even if it does not turn out to be something that you like. Do not stay eating those burgers and fries because there are many reasons not to and they are not part of a green diet, there are much better things out there. Try to stay organic and natural as much as you can and get a good variety because the microbiome likes diversity.

2. Embrace The Leftovers

You do not always need to be cooking an entirely new meal when it is lunch or dinner etc. You can easily warm something up that is leftover from yesterday. I know it might not taste as good as the original night but that is okay, it is still food and it will still give you the nutrition that you need. There are some things that will taste great when leftover, like casserole or Chinese food, many items can easily be stored and eaten later on. It is easy to save those leftovers and then take them with you for a breakfast or lunch the next morning. Get creative with using all of the food that you can and trying not to waste anything. It might take a little bit of getting used to but if you want to try and eat green then put more effort into eating leftovers when they are available. Try to reduce your waste, waste less food, and make the most of it by eating it all when you can.

1. Try To Avoid Processed

When you can, you want to try and avoid the highly processed foods. This means going for things that are natural and organic, like vegetables and fruits, some might even consume quality cheese or dairy. These food items can be found that are being created in sustainable ways and they provide a great deal of nutrients when you need good, healthy foods. If you are looking to start eating green then consider what you have been eating. It might be that you have been ordering out many times but that is about to change. Try to make more food at home now and avoid ordering from restaurants and buying highly processed junk. That is not what you want your diet to be made up of now. You want to find good, quality and organic items to fill your diet with. This is going to be the best way to go about trying to start eating green, because going through the drive thru is not going to get you there.

7 Ways You Can Live Environment Friendly

There are little things that each and every one of us can do that will help to clean up the planet a little more. You might not have to be drastic and change everything right away about your lifestyle, going green is something that can be done over time. There is no need to feel intimidated or rushed into it. Feel free to do what you can when you can , do your part as best you can at decreasing your footprint. This can be done in many simple and even fun ways. Here is a list below of some of the ways that you can help to create a more environmental friendly life for yourself.

7. Use Less Power

This is an easy one, but try to use less power if you can at home. Make sure you turn off things when you are not using them. Turn off the television or lights that are on when nobody is around. Save the electricity so that you do not have to pay and so that you are not wasting it. This is a small change to make that can add up in big ways over the long run every year.

6. Buy Less Stuff Less Often

Just try buying less things. This will help to create less garbage that is going to end up in landfills. If you try to be more mindful with your purchases and look for quality, rather than quantity, then buying less should come easy to you. Also it is great to help you to be able to save more and spend less money on junk that you do not need. There is more than one reason to buy less and this is a great way that anyone can make themselves to have a more environmentally friendly life.

5. Reuse & Recycle

Reuse whatever you can, get clothes or items from others that they might be giving away. Recycle bottles so that you can save money and make sure they are going to be taken care of in the right way. Buy second hand clothing and don’t be afraid to shop for a bargain, not everything has to be brand new with tons of packaging coming along with it. Look around for ways to recycle and reuse because there are so many of them. It’s it also a very easy change to start making as well, anyone can do it.

4. Dry Your Clothes

Try drying your clothes so that you do not need to put them in the dryer any longer. This is going to save a lot of energy when you are no longer drying your clothes. Millions of people dry their clothes on a daily basis, there is nothing to it. Even if you do not have an official drying rack you can find other ways to hang things around the house and get them dry. This is a bit of a drastic move for some, but it is the easiest thing that someone can do when they want to try and make a difference and use less.

3. Drop Bottled Water

Stop buying bottles of water and get one good bottle for yourself that you can use again and again. This way you can fill it up at home or when you are out and save hundreds of bottles from the landfill. Just one person opting to use a reusable bottle is going to go a long way to getting plastic bottles out of the landfills and oceans. It is a cheap and easy switch to make and it truly does go a long way. If you love water then think about getting a high quality bottle that you can use again and again to get what you need.

2. Save Any Water You Can

Save as much water as you can whenever you can. This might be mean turning the water off in-between brushing your teeth or taking less showers, using less water in the tub. These are small changes that can be made but when you do them all at once and mix a lifestyle with these changes, you are going to be doing your part and what you can do live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Save the water and take a much faster shower or bath, you do not need to take a bath that is filled to the rim with water. Make sure that you are not running your sink with water when filling things up or cleaning the kitchen, be mindful of the water that you are using so that you don’t make the mistake of wasting any. Water is incredibly valuable and because we have so much opportunity to use it in some places we might forget to be mindful with it and when we are using it.

1. Buy Bulk

This is an easy way to cut down on unnecessary plastic and garbage in your life. Start buying products in bulk and that means that you will be able to save a great deal of packaging from ending up in your garbage. There are a growing number of bulk options out there for you and they mean that you can get everything from flour and sugar to seeds and more in bulk fashion. There are even grocery delivery services that focus on bulk food too. If you want to make that switch and start getting more bulk food in your life then look for bulk food stores that you can start to buy from. Bring a few jars or containers with you and start buying in bulk. This is going to greatly decrease your garbage impact and overall help to boost your lifestyle to being one that is much more environmentally friendly. They might not seem like big changes to be making right away but they do add up over time. If you want to have a more environmentally friendly life then trying to buy in bulk is one of the best ways to go about doing it.

Green Vacation Ideas

Taking a green vacation is easy when you get creative. If you want to hear some great green vacation ideas then consider the list of ideas below. Taking a green vacation can mean many different things. It might mean one thing for you and something else to someone else. The general rule though is that you want to decrease your footprint and do something that doesn’t create a lot of environmental harm. Here are some ideas for green vacation ideas when you are looking for some inspiration on what you might be able to do or plan for the family and your friends.

The Classic Staycation

The staycation means taking a vacation right where you live. No boats, no planes, not much car use if any, and plan to stay in a hotel or stay somewhere that is close to where you are. There might be an RV park or a campground, it might be a cheap hotel, but there are many places. When you plan to do a staycation with the family then you are going to be going on vacation that is a lot cheaper and a lot more environmentally friendly. You do not need to travel on a plane for 18 hours in order to have a fun experience and a memorable one with family or friends. It can be done right in your own city, in your own community. Try a movie you want to see or a restaurant you have not tried yet, and feel pampered right in your own community but still feel like it is a vacation for you.

This is an easy one to do because you can almost do it any time during the year. Plan just a weekend vacation for you and your family and get away just on the weekend to some fun hotel, or plan something in the city. This is a great option for a green vacation idea because it is easy, it can be quick to organize, and it is very cheap too. Most of all though is that this sort of downsized vacation is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Camp In The Backyard

Set up a little tent right in your own backyard and camp out. This is a great idea for kids because they can tell stories, play with toys, even bring their laptops out or tablets so that they can watch a movie in the tent. Even if you do not have a backyard yet you can build the tent inside the house and make it more fun for the kids. This might not be an official vacation in the sense of leaving the home to go anywhere but it can be a great deal of fun for the kids. Get a small tent if you do not have one already and plan to have a fun camping night with the family. This is one of the cheapest things that you can organize for the kids to be able to do and they will likely love it.

Travel With Others

If you want to go on a vacation and have it be more environmentally friendly then think about going with people in a group. When you go together in a group then you can share the cost of gas and can carpool so that less of you are driving to the destination. Choose a vacation destination that is close enough for you to drive to. Do not choose a place that is going to take you cars, trains, planes, and buses, in order to get to it. Plan something a lot easier and lot less hectic for you and the family. If you are looking to have a vacation with a group then the best way to do it is to share the travel expenses and try to carpool together if possible.

Your friend might have a camper or an RV and this is also a great way to share costs and lower your footprint. You can team up with a friend or neighbor etc, and share a camper that someone else has. This is a great way to lower cost and even have more fun together by going as a group as well.

Find A Camping Deal

Go online and look around for camping grounds that might be offering a deal. There are always coupons to find and new things going on, festivals etc, and different things to see. If you want to plan a green vacation then think of something that you can do where you do not need to travel so much. Also, it would be best if the activity was not too costly as well. This way you could feel better about doing it and not breaking the bank.

One of the best ways to go on vacation with friends or family and stay green is to go camping. Try to live off the land even when going camping, this can be the very best way. But not many people might be accustomed to it or know what they are doing. It can be incredibly fun though, a wilderness adventure. When you are looking for green vacation ideas it is okay to keep it simple, even if that means going in the backyard or going in your own community too. There are always hotel deals to find or new things to see with the family or your friends. Going on vacation does not have to mean spending thousands of dollars and traveling to a new country. It can mean simply getting to explore more of your own city that you are not yet familiar with. This can be the best way to take a green vacation with the family. These are some of the best green vacation ideas when you are looking to just keep it simple and fun. These ideas would be great no matter who you are going camping with, whether in a large group, or if it is just a few of you. Try some out and see how much fun you have.